Blog Repost and Update : Loving Choo Choos and Saying #NoToLRT/MRTFareHike

Hop in our happiness train and join our family's journey


Note : I am reposting this blog post  to join the various  actions being done today by individuals/groups in social media and in train stations, against the MRT/LRT fare hike. I am also posting several links that will help you to examine this very important issue and encourage you to take a stand.

Here’s my blog repost: ( I published this in July 2013, after PNoy’s State of the Nation Address)


Our family loves trains. Train schedules play an important part in our short family trips around the city. If we really need to bring our son with us on a Wednesday ( Baclaran Day) or Friday ( Quiapo Day) schedule, we usually avoid the train rush hours.  During family dates, we make it a point to catch the train’s last trip to avoid riding in super fast buses along EDSA or…

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