On Being Back and Brave

Hand lettering by Nanaystrip

Hand lettering by Nanaystrip


In one of our random 7/11 quick late night dates, I told my husband that I haven’t been writing for almost two months now. As I loudly sipped my piñacolada slurpee, I began to rant all the reasons I could think of.

1) I was busy the whole month of October as I gladly fulfilled my nurse, alalay and vacation organizer duties for my dearest sister. She had to fly to Manila to undergo a medical procedure plus do all her pre and post surgery shopping.

2) I spent too much time thinking of what to write that I ended up not writing at all. I had the chance to write even a short blog post when I was “on duty” at the hospital. I definitely had some quality time to spare for my long delayed writing plans for the past weeks. I have rewritten my long list of possible blog topics several times. My list is now irrelevant and the topics all unworthy of being published. I just couldn’t start writing.

3) I am still afraid to share my thoughts and this fear pushes me away from telling more life stories. I’m always afraid of what others might say. “Ang babaw naman niya!” “Ang drama naman niya!”

This third reason was affirmed by my husband. “Takot ka kasi e!”  The person who I thought never bothered to read my blog gave me the best advice : “Mahal, just be yourself and just write.”

Ouch but true.

I have plotted my blog’s goals many times — during workshop exercises and countless times in my reflections. I always say that I want to inspire others by exploring new passions, making a difference in society through simple deeds and encouraging them to be part in finding resolutions for ordinary and complex issues in life. Having a clear blog purpose is important but being brave is equally important to be able to write from the heart.

Letting go of my fears will make me a more honest and real blogger. It will let me express myself more freely and be open to criticisms. For only in being brave can I fulfill my goals and eventually inspire my readers to be better persons for others – their families, friends and society.

And so for the remaining 2 months of 2014, I will start my #BraveBlogging challenge. I will share my passions and life advocacies by writing more often and being more open. Being brave also means being humble to accept my limitations and weaknesses and sharing the lessons I learned as a mother, wife, blogger, mompreneur and social activist.

I hope you will join me in this blogging journey and help me in being a brave, bold, daring and fearless person for others.

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17 thoughts on “On Being Back and Brave

  1. Weebee! 🙂 I seem like I have hit a wall in blogging these days. Sometimes I think, why do I bother to write when no one seems to be reading my blog posts? I guess I need to be brave, too.


  2. Yahoo! Awesome post Nadia. I missed you in the blogosphere and so glad that you’re back and braving it.

    Sometimes, the net can be so confusing sometimes. But the thing is, every blogger is different because we all live different lives. 🙂 Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts.


  3. I’m glad to have met a fellow nurse blogger! I can relate to your story, sometimes I feel the same way too (especially the part when you think no one reads you blog). But I’m happy that you’ve regained your confidence in blogging once again! Husbands are really heaven sent for being our number one supporter! Just continue writing from the heart and I’m sure you’ll have more readers in the future! I’m a new follower here!


    • Hi! Oops! Feeling nurse lang ako, hehe. I hope you’ll keep reading my blog posts kahit hindi ako nurse ha. I just visited your blog and thanks for the positive and cheerful vibes I got from your son’s super cute photos!


    • Hi! Grabe ang sked ng working mom! Super hectic! But keeping a blog can serve as your me time. You can try posting weekly or just make it a regular thing. Enjoy your blogging journey!


  4. It’s scary to be so vulnerable, I agree! But it’s worth it if what you write from the heart helps someone feel less alone, or understood, or connected in some way. Writing is an inherently generous act, writing from the heart, even more so! It does take bravery and tenacity to continue writing about what you believe in despite the criticisms and judgemental comments. Keep on keeping on!


  5. I love this post! 😀 Supportive — and honest husbands are the best! I am thankful I can have similar conversations with my husband, too 🙂 I love your #BraveBlogging challenge 🙂 I’m very interested to read about your advocacies and all the other things you’re passionate about. Here’s to being brave! *cue music: http://youtu.be/QUQsqBqxoR4* 😀


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