WE HAVE A WINNER! Do you want to be passionate and confident homeschooling parents? Join EDUCATING FOR LIFE A Homeschooling Conference (Plus a GIVEAWAY Alert!)

And the winner is….. Wait, before we announce who our lucky winner is,  I’ll show some photos of our first ever blog giveaway experience as a family. Tatay prepared the names of those who joined while I took some photos. Rio, our lucky charm took charge of picking our lucky winner.

photo 1

Thanks to the 26 friends ( 24 comments in the blog and two in IG) who took time to read my blog post and joined the giveaway. I had to follow the giveaway rules so all the comments who were posted after the deadline were not included in the draw.

photo 2

photo 4





photo 5

Congratulations to May De Jesus-Palacpac!

Mommy May homeschools her three boys. Read her meaningful and interesting posts at Fully Housewifed. She shared her thoughts about this year’s Homeschooling Conference:

I attended the first two homeschooling conferences by HAPI. I even attended the launch of HAPI in McDo Alabang…I was wondering when this year’s home school conference would be…I’ve been encouraged so much in these conferences. I’ve met a a bigger and more diverse group of families, there were people we could really relate to. Iba iba naman kasi talaga. 🙂 I recommend this conference for any parent, home schooling or not.


” Does Rio go to school?”

” Not yet. He’s only three.”  This has become my standard answer to that usual question we get from our friends and relatives. My reply has received mixed responses. Some take my answer as it is but there are a few friends who get so surprised and start to convince me to send my son to school.

” I am his teacher. We are into preschool homeschool.”

That’s it. The word homeschool seems to attract  a lot of questions to anyone who hears it. How do you do it? Uso na ba talaga homeschooling sa Pilipinas? How will Rio learn to socialize with other kids his age? Di ba pang-artista lang ‘yan? 

A straightforward and simple “Bata pa si Rio.” reply may spare me long interrogations from our friends for now. But when Rio turns four next year, my husband and I will definitely get more aggressive questions and pressure from them to enrol Rio in a “real” preschool.


homeschool con poster

We plan to attend workshops, seminars and other learning events to help us become better teachers to our child especially in these crucial preschool years. We can also further build our confidence and resolve to homeschool our child even beyond the preschool years by listening to the inspiring stories of other homeschooling families. We value the people who share the same passion as ours and that is to be our children’s first and best teachers. We do not only learn how to teach our preschooler but we also gain new friends and a whole community along the way.

That’s why we are so excited for this upcoming learning event  “Educating for Life Homeschool Conference” on September 6 at the Bayanihan Arts and Events Center in Pioneer St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City.  Manila Workshops, The Learning Basket  and Unilab will gather passionate homeschoolers to share helpful tips and inspiring stories based on their rich homeschool experiences.  We are planning to homeschool Rio during his preschool years but we are still open to enrolling him in a regular school when he turns five. We are looking forward to these particular discussions to help us make crucial decisions with regard to our child’s education and future.




Nanay’s Trip will hold a simple giveaway to all parents who are already homeschooling or are considering to plunge into it. A few months ago, our small digital printing business Maestro Rio Shop launched our Homeschool Rocks series to help spread awareness on homeschooling among Filipino families. We consider the coming homeschooling conference to be a milestone in our family so we thought of sharing some of our products to our new community.

We will be giving away one (1) Team Homeschool canvas bag, one (1) Homeschool Rocks t-shirt and 3 books :  Sandra Boynton’s Blue Hat, Green Hat and But not the Hippopotamus; Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  book with a read-aloud CD ( Note: I bought all the books in thrift shops but are still in very good condition, {hoping the CD is OK too!})


How to join :

1) Just leave a comment below and you are in!  Please include your email address too. Rio and I will raffle your names in the traditional way because Nanay is too lazy to learn how Rafflecopter works.

2) You can also post a comment on my Instagram account (Hope you follow @nanaystrip in IG).

3) One comment, either on my blog or IG, gives you one (1) entry. You can post comments until  August 29, Friday, 11:59 p.m.

4) I will announce the winner on August 31, Sunday!

4) I hope that the winner attends the homeschool conference on September 6 so I can personally hand over my simple presents and share some homeschooling stories too!

Good luck everyone and happy homeschooling!


50 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER! Do you want to be passionate and confident homeschooling parents? Join EDUCATING FOR LIFE A Homeschooling Conference (Plus a GIVEAWAY Alert!)

  1. I’m thinking of homeschooling my twins at least for the preschool stage but I’m not sure yet how serious I am about it, and if I’m up to it! So now I’m joining the raffles for this event left and right, pag nanalo ako I’ll take that as a sign he he


      • waaah, wala, talo sa lahat so far! yung sa Learning Basket na lang yata di pa naga-announce pero ang daaaming entries! baka next year pa dadating ang sign ko, he he. sakto siguro, tutal 1.5 years old pa lang ang mga bulinggit ko. pero wishing pa rin, he he


    • Hi Leah! Thanks for joining! Maaga na akong mag-greet ng happy birthday sa iyong little angel. Please leave your email address so I can contact you re: giveaway updates. Thanks for dropping by the blog. Daan ka ulit ha. 🙂


  2. I really really want to win. I am currently home schooling my 2 children. My son is studying at home because there is a problem with their school. It was featured in the news that Villamor Air Base Elementary School was about to collapsed because of the cracks made by the earthquake last month. Students are relaying on modules and pass it every friday. The school admin have no idea when it will be safe to go to school. I think they have to rebuild it and may take months or a year to finish. I really need this so bad for my 2 kids and I have a little idea about home schooling. I want to pursue this with my 3 years old daughter. I have created class outline base on her personality (more on play base) I made improvise reading materials, inexpensive arts and crafts, and visual aids -my own hand writing for our daily class. I want to know more from other moms experiences and learn techniques suitable for my children different needs and ages. I have a mommy friend who started her daughter homeschooling at an early age. Now that her daughter is 2 years and half she can read 5 letter words even more randomly. I have thought my daughter some sight words as advised by my mommy friend. Not only passion but also commitment with homeschooling to make it effective and FUN!



    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for joining! Join the blogs who are giving away free tickets to the conference ha. Books and homeschool shirt and bag ang aking simple presents for you mommies. Kumusta na ang Villamor Air Base Elementary School? Saan ka sa Pasay? I hope we can meet one of these days. 🙂 Salamat uli sa pagbisita 🙂


  3. Joining! Heehee!

    I am homeschooling now my daughter. The HC last year inspired me to do so. Definitely, I’m attending this year’s HC. Just like what I have seen from last year’s conference, I believe HC 2014 will be another source of inspiration for other parents who are still oscillating between homeschooling their kid/s and putting them to “regular” school. It will encourage, equip and enable parents like me who are resolved to do this not-so-simple task but very rewarding job. For me, homeschool really rocks! 🙂


    • Hi Shirley! Thanks for dropping by and joining the giveaway. Are you attending the conference too? Hope to meet you soon! Learning is so much fun when you are part of a community who share the same passion and purpose.


  4. Hi, Nadia! I hope my husband and I can attend this year’s Homeschool Conference. Would love to meet other homeschooling parents especially those who have homeschooled longer than us. Been homeschooling for 4 years now. Will definitely homeschool my eldest until he finishes grade school. Not yet sure with my second child if we will do the same. He’s almost three and we’re homeschooling him for preschool. if he gets assessed by their developmental pedia to be potentially gifted like his older brother, then he will be homeschooled also for the duration of his grade school at least. Joining your giveaway because we are fans of Sandra Boynton over here. 😉


    • Hi Mommy Teresa! Thanks for joining! We also love Sandra Boynton. The two books included in the giveaway package are my son’s first and most loved Boynton books. Hope you can attend the conference. See you!


  5. I also have considered this, but it’s tricky to go through when my hubby’s not into it. Those questions are also what he asks me, especially “Are you qualified?”


    • Hi, Ceemee!

      Just want to encourage you. I had a similar question last year when I attended the first Homeschool Conference. I asked, “How can we equip ourselves so we can homeschool our kids?” I was encouraged by Mariel’s answer: “Please don’t think you’re not equipped and able (she addressed this to all of us in her group) You are, actually. But there are resources that can help you. Don’t worry I’ll send all of you an email with links that you can use as resources.” As Nanay Nadia mentioned, this conference will not only forge new friendships but also let you in to a supportive community.

      Hope this helps. God bless you! 🙂


    • Hi Ceemee! Madalas tinatanong ko rin ‘yan sa sarili ko, hehe. Kaya for now, preschool homeschool pa lang ang target namin. Very crucial ang next year, kapag 4 na si Rio para maevaluate if we will continue. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. Interesting! I have friends who are looking into homeschooling soon, I’ll share this with them. BTW Nadia, I don’t know if you’ll remember me, small world talaga, I’m Nicole, the one who used to sell Human Nature products to you. Nagkikita pa tayo sa Jollibee sa Pasay malapit sa Church. Glad to have bumped into you sa Mommy Bloggers. 🙂


  7. I have nothing against homeschooling but we still prefer the traditional school. There are times that I wanted to homeschool my son lalo na pag may bully or words na natututunan. I do follow and check some homeschool blogs and get some free printables, 🙂


    • Isa ang bullying sa mga fears ko sa trad school. We plan to homeschool our son in his preschool years lang kaya if we’ll stick to our plan, maencounter din namin ang mga fears na ito – bullying at kung anu-ano pa. Good luck sa atin! Thanks for dropping by.


  8. It’s nice to know that there’s already an alternative to schooling these days. Why not homeschool if your home is perfect for this. All the best to homeschooling conferences like these.


  9. I attended the first two homeschooling conferences by HAPI. I even attended the launch of HAPI in McDo Alabang…I was wondering when this year’s home school conference would be…I’ve been encouraged so much in these conferences. I’ve met a a bigger and more diverse group of families, there were people we could really relate to. Iba iba naman kasi talaga. 🙂 I recommend this conference for any parent, home schooling or not.


  10. Nadj, I always see homeschooler moms as strong and brave. My son goes to traditional school, I am the one who tutors him. It is already a great challenge for me – to not walkout when my son starts whining -with all the reasons available in this planet. I salute you homeschooler moms!


  11. At one point, naging interested ako sa homeschooling. But in my case, developmental delay ang condition ng anak ko because of her seizure disorder. She will have to undergo many therapies pa..


  12. I’m determined to homeschool (at least for preschool; we’ll take one year at a time) and am now so busy looking at different curricula. I know most of you will suggest that I don’t need a curricula, but I think I’d need it hehe.

    I’m so sad that I won’t be able to attend this conference because Davao is so far from Manila, and even though I want to join the contest, I choose not to so that you won’t have to spend on shipping (if I win). Mahal pa naman shipping for books. Good luck to everyone who joins! 😀


  13. Nadia! Wow, Finally, I will meet you na in person! I will be there too..:) I started homeschooling my kids this year lang, and yes mahirap siya, so attending this event, would definitely, help us! See you soon.


  14. I’ve been reading/hearing a lot about homeschooling. I would love to know more about this. Planning to have a baby by 2015…this may be helpful in the future.


  15. When my second child was still in the tummy, I thought I could home school my first. We did trial on a few preschools and I thought to myself that I could do that at home too. When second son came along though, biglang so many things to do na, so many people to take care of, home schooling took a back seat. Maybe I can restart it again sometime hehe


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