Seize the day! Join the Reading Revolution now!

Revolution in a workshop title makes one expect a radical leap from the usual learning events that tackle reading and learning. “Reading Revolution: Hacking Restless Readers in Today’s World”, organized by Cokid, lived up to its title. The seminar-workshop offered new insights on learning and reinforced my decision to accept the challenge of raising my son to be a reader.

Reading Revolution was also an UNlearning event for me. We should always be grateful for the traditional learning methods that our parents and teachers used in teaching us how to read and write. But in this digital age, it is best that we as parents be open to newer and more relevant teaching methods for our children.

Here are some of the highlights of Reading Revolution which I find most useful in our family’s early education and preschool homeschool journey with our little boy Rio.

Bounce along with Spalding

Teacher Lydia Bernales, a dedicated teacher and one of the speakers in the seminar, shared a very logical approach on how to teach our children how to read and write. I was fascinated by the key points of The Writing Road to Reading ( Spalding Education ) that she introduced to us. Phonemic awareness remains to be the foundation of early reading. Parents can take a look at how the Spalding method integrates language in writing and reading lessons. Teacher Lydia was very helpful in sharing this learning method which we can integrate with other ways that we are comfortable with and appropriate for our children’s unique conditions.

photo from Cokid FB page

photo from Cokid FB page

I was glad to find some “Spaldingness” in the first “My A-Z Book” series that I plan to collect and use for our letter of the week project. In introducing the letter C, the book listed words that start with C that have the “k” sound ( coat, cage, canary) and those that have the “s” sound ( centipede, circus, circle ). I was used to the single sound teaching method ( You Tube video of A is for apple, a, a, apple) that introducing the different sounds of a single letter was such a light bulb moment for me!

Less TV time, More Genuine Conversations

Rey Agapay, a writer and creative consultant in GMA Network ironically spoke about how he eliminated TV from his home. He sounded very spontaneous and honest that his TV unplugging story came to me as an eye opener rather than an imposing advocacy. Following Rey’s honesty, I am telling you that we can’t totally eliminate TV in our home but we are trying to lessen TV time.

Rey Agapay sharing how he unplugged TV in his home

Rey Agapay sharing how he unplugged TV in his home

Our toddler is left with his Lola most of the day. My mother’s day revolves around television shows and a total ban will definitely deprive her of the joy she feels while watching Sir Chief and Maya take care of their newborn twins. We talked to her about the dangerous effects of too much TV to toddlers and thankfully she agreed to lessen their TV time, on one condition that I couldn’t deny. She has to watch Please Be Careful with my Heart in the morning and some primetime teleseryes before we go to bed. Deal!

We were also successful in “banning” Oggy and the Cockroach and Tom and Jerry in Rio’s limited TV time. Before, keeping him glued on TV was such a convenient way of making him still while we do much needed home chores and work deadlines. But Oggy’s character does not talk and it posed a little danger to our son who was then having a hard time talking. I also sensed something wrong with my son laughing on the neverending gags Tom and Jerry do to each other. We had to limit the TV shows that Rio can watch and I’m happy that we just dance along Hi-5 songs once in a while. Limiting Rio’s tablet time is another story that we need to address next.

Believe in the power of poetry. It creates wonder and builds the imagination.

Wanggo Gallaga’s short but inspiring talk on poetry made me check on our book shelf when I got home. After my quickie inventory, I found out that I don’t have a single children’s poetry book in our collection! I must find a piece that can describe the moon besides reading Eric Carle’s Papa, please get the moon for me. I am really not into poetry and it shows on the books I collect and read to Rio. But I agree on Wanggo that poetry has the magical power of building our children’s imagination.

I can sense Rio’s starting to use his imagination when he plays alone with his toy cars. I’m sure that through constant exposure to books and poetry, he can create more wonderful and magical stories at play.

Watch and listen to Wanggo talk about the power of poems.

Curiosity leads to teaching moments.

Last but definitely not the least, Teacher Dyali’s storytelling workshop rocked the Lola Basyang in me! She reminded me that storytelling is an interactive activity with our children. Let your children ask questions or ask the right questions to create meaningful interactions with them.

photo 2

The story and the children are the real stars of any storytelling session. The more questions and reactions you get from the children make you a more effective storyteller because it opens new knowledge and concepts for them to explore. After two consecutive storytelling workshops ( the first one was with Kuya Bodjie of Batibot), I am more excited to practice what I have learned with my son and hopefully to other children in the future.

Teaching and instilling in our children the love of reading is definitely not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning and careful execution on our part as parents. In my experience, I always over plan or to be more exact, I gather too much resources online that often delay my preschool homeschool schedule with my son. It comes to a point when preparing for our “reading plan” becomes overwhelming, you suddenly get confused and don’t know where to start. Thanks to the Reading Revolution lessons, I now have three words to guide me in our preschool homeschool project : DO IT NOW.

Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for this wonderful opportunity especially to Mommy Tina of Truly Rich Mom for graciously giving me her slot to this learning event. I am very grateful for your generosity and support to our reading and homeschool journey. Cokid also introduced Kinder Project and I am very excited to have signed up in one of their upcoming project this June. Learn more about Kinder Project’s advocacies here and hopefully we can work together in their future activities.

Nanays, feel free to share your teaching and reading techniques and lessons here in the comment section. What poetry books do you recommend for our dear toddlers?

POST TRIP : This is new section in the blog where I list down some online articles and resources I read while writing my post. Here are some engaging reads and events you may be interested to squeeze in your busy schedule. Enjoy and happy reading!

Mong Palatino, former Kabataan Partylist representative and now chairperson of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – NCR explains revolution for everyone to understand this intimidating word in an instant. Read about Mong’s article on The 3 in 1 revolution.

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6 thoughts on “Seize the day! Join the Reading Revolution now!

    • Hi Sanne! I’ll look for that book. We recently got a copy of Tomie dePaola’s Mother Goose. I plan to pick some poems to use for our letter of the week activities. See you on the 12th! We will set up a booth to sell our We Are Readers shirts and other stuff.


  1. Hi Nanay! First time ko dito.

    Ang galing. Sana may mga events kagaya nito dito sa Cebu. Na-expose ko din ang baby ko sa pag read since mga around 6 months pa lang sya. 16 months na sya ngayon at nakakakilala na ng mga simple objects, at nakakapagsalita na din, kagaya ng “apple” at “ball”. The best benefit of reading is that it enhances your baby’s memory talaga. I swear by that.


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