Project Preschool Homeschool : Why and How?

My little boy is turning 3 in a few months. I’m already getting mixed advices from my friends and relatives about enrolling him in preschool this year. A friend told me that it’s better to enrol Rio in a daycare to prepare him for big school and experience early socialization with kids his age. On the other hand, some relatives tell me that Rio is too young to be in school and I should be the one to teach him the basics of reading and writing. “Just apply what your Tita Fe taught you when you were Rio’s age, he’ll definitely be alright,” they always say.

I was preschool homeschooled! 

Yes! Before homeschooling became popular in the Philippines, most of us ( if not all of us!) were homeschooled by our parents, or in my case, by my dearest Tita Fe. She was like the “tutor/teacher ng bayan” that almost all the kids in our community became her students. Before my parents enrolled me in school, she patiently taught me the letters of the alphabet, phonics and eventually how to read. She featured a certain letter each week, familiarized me with its sounds and introduced words that start with it. How I loved the book Reading with Phonics during that time. It was a very useful tool in my reading journey as far as I can remember.

The dedication and love that Tita Fe gave me were very crucial in my early childhood education. I know she is definitely happy ( wherever she may be, RIP Tita Fe ) as I make her one of my inspirations in homeschooling her dearest apo.

My Three Reasons To Preschool Homeschool 

When I attended The Learning Basket’s practical workshop on starting your preschool homeschool, Mariel asked us before proceeding with her lecture the very basic question “Why are you here?”  She gave us a few minutes to reflect and answer her question. I came up with these three answers.

1) Know my child better.

My boy will pass through this stage only once and I intend to be truly immersed and integral in it. This is a chance for me to know his strong and weak areas, likes and things that annoy or distract him. One to two years of homeschooling will give me enough time to prepare him (myself too!) for big school.

2)  Play, explore and enjoy while learning.

Daycares  in communities and barangays are the best option for parents like us who can’t afford the high tuition rates of preschools. I have observed that daycares tend to be very “schooly”/ academic or almost do the same activities practiced in kindergarten classes. I want my son to discover and enjoy learning the alphabets through his everyday play activities with his family. Blackboards and classrooms can wait. For now, I want Rio to explore the world and make it as his classroom.

3) Be a hands-on mom in terms of my son’s early learning experiences.

We are our child’s first teachers and we should strive to be the best. I know that I can’t commit to homeschooling for a long time and eventually we will enrol him in a big school. So I am more determined to spend more learning and playing time with him in his preschool years before the time comes when he spends most of his time in school with his classmates and teachers.

How do I start my preschool homeschool project?

1) Read. Research. Roll. 

Thanks to Mariel’s long and very helpful email, workshop participants who are considering preschool homeschool can prioritize and start their reading links. There are so many homeschool websites out there that we tend to visit more than what we need and can absorb. Here are some readings/websites we can start with and lead us to essential ones we’ll need in planning our daily homeschool learning activities.

The Learning Basket 

What Should A 4-year Old Know 

Should I Homeschool or Not?

2) Connect with fellow preschool homeschool divas. 

I am so glad to have met mommies who are already into or considering preschool homeschool in the workshops I have attended. I am more blessed to know Mommy Louise and Mommy Joy who are professional educators and are future homeschool divas as well. I look forward to our playdates or just even our exchange of notes, lessons and homeschool activities.

3) List down all the materials needed for homeschool projects. 

Based on the list provided by The Learning Basket during the workshop, there are materials that I haven’t acquired which are essential for preschool homeschool activities. Thanks to Ma’am and Mom’s, I was able to buy basic art materials for our future painting sessions. I know I still need to collect more materials like scissors, puzzles and books but I should first try to look for stuff inside the house that may be useful in our upcoming projects.

4)  Arrange Rio’s books. 

Thanks to bargain book shops, we were able to collect some good book titles for our little boy. One of our immediate home project is to arrange Rio’s books and hopefully Tatay can finally start his wood working project and make book shelves in time for our homeschooling.

5) Preschool Homeschool starts this May after Rio’s 3rd birthday.


I have almost two months to prepare and get that homeschool mommy groove! Wish us luck!

Nanays, do you plan to preschool homeschool your toddlers? Do share your thoughts on homeschooling and let us exchange notes on how to make learning and teaching more fun! Happy homeschooling!


23 thoughts on “Project Preschool Homeschool : Why and How?

    • Hi Janice! I think they will have a re-run in July. Sure, let’s share notes. Halos magkasing-edad pala boys natin. I’m excited to start this project but nervous at the same time. Glad that I have mommy friends like you to share and help me in this new challenge. Thanks for dropping by!


    • Hi Mars! I have dropped by your blog and I’m very sure you will be your child’s best teacher. Wow, lapit na lumabas si baby? Exciting months ahead. Enjoy your last trim! Thanks for visiting 🙂


    • Hi Em! My certified homeschool diva friend! Your stories (and your mom’s too!) make preschool homeschool such a rewarding experience. Looking forward to our playdates and homeschool chikahan! See you soon!


  1. Aw. I missed the workshop, sana nagkakilala na tayo. I am planning to homeschool my kids too and I would like to know how to start. It seems like my mind is kinda sabog how to start homeschooling my kids.


    • Hello Serene! You can join the workshop in July or even The Learning Basket’s Raising Readers workshop series. Really helpful for moms with toddlers. Sabog din ako when in comes to how to start this homeschool project. Writing my ideas down made my mind sort some essentials on how to begin. Hope to meet you soon. Chika tayo. 🙂


  2. My son will go to school this June. But I’ve been teaching him how to read before June comes.(: I think that’s kinda considered “homeschooling” in some way.(: and I noticed that it strengthens our bond.(:


    • Hi Daniel Kaity! I always look forward to our reading time because it’s one of the best bonding moments I share with my son. How old is your son? Exciting months ahead, big school na!


  3. Yay! Thank you Alemars for the link. 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be a great teacher to Rio because you are a great mom. I believe that a “teacher” should have, first and foremost, love for her/his “student” before s/he’ll be able to impart knowledge. Way to go, Nads! Right here behind (?), more like beside you and willing to exchange notes with you. Blessings! 🙂


  4. Hi mommy!

    We’re already homeschooling our 2.5 year old little girl. While I dis homeschool my eldest child for 2.5 years when she was 2 until 4.5, I could say na nangapa rin ako when I started again this year. Super thankful ako sa, it’s the ‘curriculum’ we follow now, at least to guide me on our day to day activities. My eldest will join us after this school year as we’re decided na to homeschool na rin but it’s another story na, hers is more complex and involves a lot of paperworks :/


    • Hi Iris! Thanks for dropping by. Will check the site you mentioned. I plan to start with the letters of the alphabet so I’m gathering ideas on how to teach my son and ensure that he’ll enjoy our learning sessions. Hope we can exchange ideas and homeschooling challenges too. 🙂


  5. My daughter is turning 3 this year too (in July) and she’ll be going to Nursery school. Much as I want to homeschool her, I work full-time so the best I can do is have “study” sessions with her after work, hence the Nursery.


    • Yes Nathalie, I think that’s one way of homeschooling too! Magkasing-edad pala mga bagets natin 🙂 Happy to interact with you on more topics besides our weekly photo challenge dates! 🙂


      • Yeah, it’s nice to find something in common aside from our 48 Photos challenge. 🙂 Speaking of which, late na naman entry ko. Wala pa ko photo. Haha. Oh well. Please do post more about homeschooling Rio in your future entries, I hope to pick up tips for Francine as well. 🙂


  6. I missed TLB’s workshop last time and I’m hoping to finally join this month. My son’s turning 3.5 this month and we started our homeschool journey last March. Ngapa to the nth level but so far surviving. We’re now using Sing Spell Read and Write but still slowly adjusting to it kasi he doesn’t like worksheets pa. Kaya we just do fine motor and art activities and read-alouds most of the time. 🙂 Let’s share notes! 🙂


    • Hi Kat! My son doesn’t like worksheets too. I’m totally game with sharing notes. Challenging maghanap ng ideas na papatok sa mga bagets! By the way, I dropped by your blog and read your recent post. Helpful! Hope to see you on TLB’s workshop.


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