2/48 : Favorite Place

The VFP (Valentine, Friday and Pay Day)  traffic stopped me from shooting my first choice for this week’s photo challenge.   I waited for that elusive UP-Pantranco jeepney  but the line of passengers just kept on getting longer. I didn’t only miss the chance to shoot my favorite spot in UP Diliman, I also missed this year’s One Billion Rising Philippines, a global street dance for justice and women’s rights.

When I finally decided to abandon my UP Diliman gig, I had to think of a familiar place to shoot and it must be accessible from the MRT stations. The last condition must be met because I had no choice but to take the train to escape from the horrible VFP-day traffic.

The moment I set foot on the train station’s platform, I already knew where to go. Where else, but to our family’s official tambayan : Greenbelt in Makati!


I took this photo using our point and shoot camera.  I had to deal with very limited lighting. In the absence of a tripod, I was able to shoot in long exposure mode by placing the camera on the railings as steady as possible. Shooting at night without a tripod can be really frustrating. Almost all the shots I’ve taken were either too grainy ( caused by high ISO) or blurred because of my very unreliable and shaky hands. Thanks to my ever supportive husband who stayed with me as I struggled to get a good shot.

Lastly, thanks to this blog challenge,this photoshoot turned out to be our Valentine’s date too.


6 thoughts on “2/48 : Favorite Place

  1. Yii. I love how this challenge served as a mini date too. I can attest to the heavy traffic yesterday. We went out on a day tour in Tagaytay since my mom has to go there for work. Pauwi, we have to take detours because of the traffic. 🙂


  2. I also shot my week2 photo with a point and shoot, with minimal lighting. So hello, grainy photo! The traffic inside Alabang alone was horrible already, so I can imagine what it was like outside. Super yikes. That’s why we chose to stay home instead.


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