Sunshine After the Rain : Nanaystrip Won a Ticket to Breastfeeding Uncovered!

After almost a week, I used my umbrella to shield me from the sorely missed Mr. Sun and not to keep me dry from the rains. Finally, I was also able to wear my ever reliable P99.00 Marikina sandals again as I braved the streets of Divisoria. But my ultimate “Welcome Back Sun!” moment of the day was when I received this text from my dear friend Em of Touringkitty :

“Nadia! Nanalo ka sa Jack Newman kay Paola Mommy Treats!!!Yey! Sabay na tayo punta sa Sabado :)”

I was so happy! I still have a chance to be a part of an activity for this year’s breastfeeding awareness month. I felt genuinely sad when I missed Hakab Na, the breastfeeding mob organized by Breastfeeding Pinays and other groups last August 3. I also failed to get a seat in the orientation given by L.A.T.C.H. to those who are interested to become breastfeeding peer counselors in the future. I was worried that I won’t be able to attend Dr. Jack Newman’s talk because we still have bills lined up for this month. Thanks to Em for sharing Mommy Treats’ giveaway ( prize : free ticket to Breastfeeding Uncovered)on Facebook.

I shared the event on my FB timeline together with my answer on why I want to be a part of Breastfeeding Uncovered :



On August 31, I will take my first step in becoming a breastfeeding peer counselor. Thank you Mommy Treats and L.A.T.C.H. for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my project and share my advocacy. I’m so excited. See you there mommies!

Nanays, are you going to the much-awaited talk this Breastfeeding Awareness Month? If you will be attending Breastfeeding Uncovered this Saturday, kindly leave a note so I can look for you and we can be seatmates and have fun learning more about breastfeeding. See you there!


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